Show Categories At The London Theatre

About Show Categories at The London Theatre

The award winning shows at London theatre are one of the best ways to get introduced to the fantastic London cultures and traditions. The London theatre shows features amazing comedy performances, plays, dramas, ballets and dance shows bringing in the best of actors from across the country. Catch the musical journey featuring the amusing Romeo and Juliet performance, with tunes that bring in the best of songs from Britney Spears and Ariana Grande. Don't forget to witness the plays and dramas like ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Mousetrap’, which are bewitching and award winning stage acts that will surely make you come back for more. If you are a great fan of opera, then catch a beautiful opera performance at the Peacock Theatre.

London theatre also has incredible shows for families and kids, one such show which your kids will definitely enjoy is the Lion king’s performance in a fabulous musical journey that will impress your little ones. Ballet and comedy, a must watch, are other bewitching show categories that will surely make your trip more interesting.

Show Categories at The London Theatre

The London theatre is one of the most splendid ways to get introduced to the city’s traditions and cultures. It incorporates the best of every show category including comedy, opera, ballet performances and musical journeys, that will impress you with incredible stage performances like never before.


There ain’t any city in the world which boasts more musicals than the London theatres. Out of all the show categories at the London theatre, the musicals are one great way to learn about legends. Catch the most extraordinary Romeo Juliet musical and learn about the heart-wrenching love story of history. Vibe to the tunes by famous singers like Araina Grande and Britney Spears. Grab the frozen tickets and witness the most beautiful musical narrating the story of the two most loved Disney characters ever. Other than award-winning musicals like the Wizard, London theatre shows host plenty of gripping musicals that you can catch on every weekend.

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Plays & Dramas

Another one of the most extraordinary show categories at the London theatre that you catch at your leisure, are plays and drama. Book for the Glass Menagerie tickets, now and catch the bewitching story of a family falling apart. Other London theatre shows that will leave you in awe are, life of pi and the mousetrap. These book adaptations have won hundreds of hearts, for their almost lively acting and stage presence. Check out the long list of heartful plays and dramas from the London theatre shows and choose the shows which suits you best.

Family & Kids

If you have kids accompanying you on a trip, then choose from the numerous show categories at the London theatre including Disney special Lion king and The Wicked. Thai fascinating book adaptations shows have been a kid’s favourite for decades now, and will definitely catch the attention of your little ones. Musical performance shows like Frozen, Matilda and ‘Back to the Future’ are another one of the stage miracles that the whole family can watch together.


A fantastic opera performance is another great way to admire the deep rooted cultures and traditions of the European countries. Catch a marvellous opera at london theatre shows. Operas are the best way to get introduced into the musical world, with splendid singers bringing you the best of musical journeys like never before. The best opera can be witnessed at the Royal opera house and the London coliseum. The Royal opera house, with their incredible stage settings and fascinating performances always attracts a huge crowd of music lovers annually, and is something you shouldn't miss out on


Catch another extraordinary show category at the London theatre called the Ballet, which brings in the best talents from across the city. If you are a ballet lover, then catch the perfect adaptations of the award-winning show peaky blinders in a ballet redemption. Another famous ballet performance is the nutcracker, which encapsulates the wintery Christmas magic in a heart winning ballet performance. A delight for first time viewers, the incredible ballet performance which usually takes place at the peacock theatres or the Sadler’s wells will make you come back for more.


A good laugh and a hearty applause, will definitely make your London expedition more memorable. British stand up comedies are by far one of the most talked about performances across the world, and is something you should not miss out on. Catch the best of show categories at the london theatre and hop in for a splendid comical show which will make you laugh. The Book of mormon, has been running as one of the best comedy musicals that will have you rolling down on the floor with its gripping stage performance and comedy timings. Another classic is the shit faced Shakespeare that narrates the story of Romeo and Juliet in a comical way.

Underbelly Festival

The underbelly summer festival is an absolutely ethereal stage performance for all theatre lovers, bringing in the best of every show categories at the London theatre. It includes the dreadful circus, musical journeys, comical shows and ballet performances narrating legendary Shakespeare writings and award winning series. The famous La clique is one of the most fantastic shows encapsulating the best of cabaret, live music and acrobatics with a tint of comedy as well.

Fringe & Off West End

London has the best of theatrical performances and shows that you should not miss out on. The Fringe and off west end features the best of classical shows that will impress you. Some of the best theatre shows are ‘The Play that Goes Wrong’, ‘the Great Gatsby’, and ‘Julius Caesar’. These shows bring in the best of actors and stage artists from across London and feature heart winning acting and stage presence like never before. Henry VIII is another iconic theatrical show that highlights the changes after Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Weekday Matinees

Beside the shows that only go live on weekends, the matinee performance at the London theatre shows takes place on weekdays. Catch the best of ballet performances, musical journeys and dramas as well as plays at the matinee shows. The greatest gatsby and millennials are splendid political dramas that you should not miss out on.


Which is the best London theatre for musicals?

The best London theatre for musicals are Apollo Victoria Theatre, Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Novello Theatre, Lyceum Theatre and Noel Coward Theatre. These theatres are award winnings for their stage performance, and for bringing in the best of actors. Catch the best shows and performances at the theatres and make incredible memories.

What is special about London theatres?

The London theatre brings in the best of actors and stage artists for splendid musical journeys and performances. The London theatres feature a wide range of musical journeys, ballets, plays and dramas, and awesome shows for your family and kids that lets you admire European culture at its best.

How many show categories are there in London Theatres?

There are about nine awesome show categories at the London theatres, which are Musicals Plays & Dramas, Family & Kids, Opera, Ballet, Comedy, Underbelly Festival, Fringe and Off West End and Weekday Matinees. All of these combine the best of award winning shows and performances like never before.

Is there a separate ticket for Kids at London Theatre?

Some of the shows allow free entry for kids and some shows do not, therefore it is advisable to check the ticket on their official website before booking.

Which London theatre is the best for Comedy?

Catch the best of comedy London theatre shows inside Duchess Theatre, Savoy Theatre and Prince of Wales Theatre.

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